If you follow my Tumblr you might be aware that I had to go on a six hour round trip yesterday just to notarise a document. Anyway, thanks for those that chatted with me and kept me entertained on the journey.

The journey required me to travel into London and then get a different train to my destination and then do the reverse to come home and as I got off the train at Euston I dropped my phone and it bounced off the back of the girl in front of me and went down the gap between the train and the platform!

I was thinking “omg, what the do I do?”. Anyway I spoke to a guard and he said they couldn’t get it immediately, they’d have to wait for someone to be able to go onto the tracks and get it later, probably overnight. So reluctantly I gave them my details and went and got my other train home sans phone. I had to give them my email address because I literally don’t know anybodies phone number anymore, not even Mistresses.

I got an email this morning and they have the phone, the screen is smashed of course, the edge is all damaged and it doesn’t turn on (although the battery was almost dead so it probably just needs charging). My poor phone! So now I have to go all the way back to London to get it and then take it to an Apple store to get it fixed, and I can’t get an appointment there for days, it’s a complete nightmare! Mistress says she won’t let me have nice things if I don’t look after them!

So anyway, not an interesting post probably but venting helps!

Oh, and the guard also said that I shouldn’t really have been texting whilst carrying two bags, a coat and getting off a train anyway. Yeah thanks for that!