Surprise Attack


I waited in the darkened kitchen as I heard her come through the front door, I had already been in the house for an hour setting everything up upstairs, I knew what time she’d be home and that the kid was staying at a friends house tonight, there would be no interruptions.

After I’d heard her say hello to the dog the light came on and she walked straight past me hiding behind the door, she was just feet in front of me heading for the kettle when I lunged forward and wrapped my hand around her face, the chemical covered cloth in my palm covered her mouth and nose and within a few struggling seconds she went limp in my arms.  I threw her over my shoulder and headed for the stairs, she would only be out for half an hour but that would be plenty.

I got her upstairs and went straight for the spare room and laid her down on the bed.  In the middle of the room there was a padded stool which I had placed earlier and next to that my bag of goodies, I would have fun tonight.  The was no time to lose so I proceeded to removed her suit jacket and then undo her blouse to reveal the 36C mounds that it covered, her bra clipped at the front and so I undid that as well and slip the whole lot off whilst I held her up.  The skirt and panties were much easier but I left her thigh high stockings on, the look sexy!

The women of my dreams now lay naked in front of me, she was 5′ 10″ and quite slim bu not too much so, her breasts sat pertly on her chest despite the fact that she was lead on her back.  Her golden hair was scattered behind her head and her lids were closed over her big green eyes, she was gorgeous.  The only thing I didn’t like was the tidy mound of pubic hair that surrounded her tight looking pussy.  I grabbed some hair removal cream from my bag, the bottle said it works in three minutes and lasts for six months, I spread her legs and smeared it all over her groin.

It was time to kit her out so I reached into my bag and took out four zip ties, I attached two together and then wrapped them tightly around her right breast, making sure I got it right up against her chest, then I put the two ends together and tightened it.  As I did so her perfect mound rose up and formed a ball that looked like a balloon ready to pop, I repeated the process on the other side and then stepped back to admire my handiwork.  I had pulled the ties as tight as they would go, the peach balloons would soon start to change colour. It was now about five minutes since the hair removal cream had gone on which was two minutes more than directed so I grabbed a towel a wiped it off, the hair came with it and she was left with a completely bare groin, just the way I liked it.

Next I fastened leather cuffs around her wrists and also around her thighs, just above the knee, now it was time to move her.  With some difficulty I lifted her around the waist and moved her over to the stool, then knelt her in front of it before letting her torso droop over the top.  The stool was just wide enough so that when her thighs were touching one side, the other side just touched the underside of her now red breasts.  I got two more zip ties and threaded them through the hoops on her thigh cuffs, then tightened them around the stools legs, this meant that her knees were kept about two feet apart and they couldn’t slide off the bottom as the stool had large steel feet, this would also prevent the stool from getting knocked over if she started to thrash around.  To ensure she was securely in place I got a luggage strap from my bag and wrapped it around the seat of the stool and over her back, then fastened it reasonably tight and scrambled the combination.  Last but not least I used a padlock to fasten her wrist cuffs behind her back and strapped a ball gag around her head, as a finishing touch I pulled all of her long hair back into a pony tail and put a zip tie around it to keep it in place.

I was now ready to start the fun, I took out a box of four golf balls and emptied them into a bowl of lube that I had sorted earlier.  I made sure they all coated and then took the first one, placed it against her asshole and applied some pressure, it took surprisingly little effort before her sphincter opened up and swallowed it whole.  I took the next and pushed it against the small bit of white that was showing in the hole, it was a little harder but it went in and forced the first deeper inside her.  The third golf ball went in OK as well but the forth was a lot more difficult, every time I got it in it began to slide back out but I eventually got it to stay using a piece of duct tape to cover the lot.

She was beginning to stir now, but not quickly enough for me so I decided to give her a proper wake up call.  I grabbed the cane from my bag and began to swing at her ass, her body jerked with the first blow but it was only when the second hit and the welt from the first began to form that I could start to her extremely muffled screams from behind her gag. After a good minute of repeated whacks her ass was criss-crossed with sever red welts that rose up about half a centimetre.  Tears were rolling down her cheeks but I reached down and ran a finger over her slit, it was decidedly damp.

I couldn’t resist any longer, I got my cock out which had long been rock hard, knelt behind her and plunged my rod deep into her well lubricated hole.  As I began to pound into her I could hear her muffled grunts in time with my thrusts, she was definitely enjoying this.  It didn’t take long for me to cum and as I did I forced myself so far up her that I was pressed against her cervix as my juice squirted into her and despite her attempts to hide the sounds she came with such intensity that her muscles almost crushed my cock.

After letting myself go soft inside her I pulled out and let my cum run from her still gaping hole, I liked the image so got my camera out and took a snap of her cunt, ass and a wide shot of the whole scene making sure she could see what I was doing.  When I’d taken enough pictures I put the camera on a small tripod and set it up in front of her, it could see her face and just below that her purple mounds hanging from her chest, I returned to my bag and retrieved the last item, a small black box with four leads coming out of it.

I sat down in front of her and unravelled the leads, they had crocodile clips on the end of them, two red and two black.  I reached underneath her with the first black clip, she was powerless to stop me as I pinched her nipple and clipped it just to the left, I then put a red clip on the other side of the nipple.  After repeating the process on the other side I flicked the On switch on the box and it began to hum, her eyes went wide as she realised what was about to happen, I began to turn the knob on the box.

As the electrical output of the box began to rise she began sweat, it was only when it got half way that she began to squirm and moan behind the gag, her eyes were still wide open.  The noise she was making gradually got loader and higher pitched the nearer I got to full power and by the time I reached it I could tell she was screaming wildly behind that gag but that only made my cock hard again.

I left her to thrash about trying to escape for a full five minutes before I slowly began to reduce the output, once it got below half way she slumped down on the stool limply.  I checked to make sure she was still breathing, she was but had passed out.

A few minutes later the dog decided to make an appearance, it had barely even noticed I was in the house before she came home, but now something seemed to have perked the doberman up.  I picked up the camera and focused in as he approached her form behind and began to sniff at her used cunt, to my surprise he began to lap up the juice and cum that was leaking from her hole, it was then that she began to stir again and I could hear moans, she was enjoying the attention.

I returned to my position in front of her to capture her reaction when she realised what was pleasuring her, it didnt take long.  After a few more moans she seemed to come instantly round and her eyes almost popped out of they’re sockets, she began to thrash around again, though her bondage prevented any actual movement.  Her eyes stared at me, almost pleading and I could almost make out words from behind the gag

I didn’t think her eyes could get any bigger, but they did when the big black dog hopped up and wrapped his front paws around her thighs.  The dogs ass began to thrust back and forth as he probed for her opening, I led down next to them and watched through the viewfinder as the canine finally found his human fuck hole and buried himself deep inside the beautiful fuck toy.  He wasted no time pumping in and out of her and between mumbled screams I started to here louder and louder moans, I couldn’t believe what I was filming.

I had read about bestiality before and it was only when I was back around the front filming her face that I recalled knotting, this is when the base of a dogs cock expands to lock himself inside the female.  I couldn’t wait to see if it would happen here and returned to my horizontal position just in time to see a ball of red flesh expand just inside her cunt, the dog had knotted with her and it was at that moment that she came, loudly.  Despite the gag her moans of ecstasy were almost deafening.

It took fifteen minutes before the dog jumped off her and I captured the moment the doggy cum poured out of her dog fucked cunt, it was amazing.  After that she just drooped over the stool, I couldn’t tell if it was from exhaustion of shame, most likely both.  I made my way to the master bedroom and climbed into bed.

I slept very well and only woke when the alarm went off at 7.30, I got up and had a shower before getting dressed.  Then I went into the spare room to find her wide awake, exactly where I’d left her.  I used the key to undo her cuffs and then headed downstairs for some breakfast.

I was half way through my toast when my wife stormed downstairs and poured herself a coffee, she didn’t even look at me.  I asked if there was a problem to which she replied “You let the fucking dog fuck me! and he did it again after you fucked off!  You knew I had a big meeting this morning and you left me there all night, my fucking tits are still bright red and it still feels like I’ve got a fucking golf ball stuck up my ass even though I got all three out!  I can’t believe yo let the dog fuck me, I mean for fucks sake, your sick!”.  I slowly made my way up behind her, put my arms around her and said “Did you come the second time as well?!”

She pushed me away and stormed towards the front door, I didn’t have the heart to tell her there were four golf balls!

The End

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