Dice Game

I came across a post on somebody else’s blog where they had altered a childhood game to make it more interesting in an adult setting! The game involves taking a die throwing it four times so that you end up with four numbers one to six,  beforehand through you assign something to each number for each roll.

For the first roll you assign items to wear, for the second roll you assign a locations, the third roll has bondage positions or restraints and the four roll has a duration.  So once you have your four numbers you will know what you are going to wear, where you are going to play, how you will be positioned and how long you will play for!  Get it?

I asked blog readers to suggest things for the numbers on the dice and several people helped me, their suggestions are below.  What I have decided to do is add an extra dice roll to the game, this first roll will decide which “game” I play from the options below.

Game One: markh101

Dice 1

  1. Lycra Microdress
  2. Micro dress & chastity belt
  3. Wet look leggings and boob tube with 8 inch heels
  4. Seamed stockings & suspenders with micro skirt
  5. Topless but wearing non buttoned up jacket
  6. Micro hot pants with boob tube and above knee boots

Dice 2

  1. Shopping centre at busiest time
  2. Classy restaurant Mistress took you to before
  3. Your local supermarket
  4. On the train
  5. At the cinema
  6. At a friend’s house

Dice 3

  1. Wrists cuffed behind back
  2. Dildos in both lower holes
  3. Barbed wire attached to clit ring wrapped between legs and tied round hips
  4. Cuffed to another person
  5. Ankles shackled
  6. Wrists or ankles attached to an immovable object

Dice 4

  1. 10 Minutes
  2. 25 Minutes
  3. 45 Minutes
  4. 1.5 Hours
  5. 3 Hours
  6. 6 Hours

Game Two: Simon

Dice 1

  1. Coat over Naked
  2. Coat over Tee shirt Only
  3. Coat over Knickers Only
  4. Coat over Stockings/hold-ups only
  5. Top and Mini Skirt no underwear
  6. Coat over Bikini

Dice 2

  1. Playing hopscotch in a street
  2. Shoe Shopping
  3. Walk along a Street
  4. Skipping down a street
  5. Forest/wood
  6. Up and Down an Escalator

Dice 3

  1. Coat undone (use hands in pockets to keep closed)
  2. Coat with one button done up
  3. Coat done up / Wearing Collar and Leash
  4. Coat with two buttons done up
  5. Coat done up  / Wearing Chastity Belt
  6. Coat done up  / Wearing Butt Plug

Dice 4

  1. 10 Minutes
  2. 20 Minutes
  3. 30 Minutes
  4. 40 Minutes
  5. 50 Minutes
  6. 60 Minutes

Game Three: Simon

Dice 1

  1. Lycra Microdress
  2. Micro dress & chastity belt
  3. Wet look leggings and boob tube with 8 inch heels
  4. Seamed stockings & suspenders with micro skirt
  5. Topless but wearing buttoned up jacket
  6. Micro hot pants with boob tube and above knee boots

Dice 2

  1. Shopping Centre
  2. Friends House
  3. Walk along a Street
  4. Supermarket
  5. Beauty Parlor
  6. Restaurant

Dice 3

  1. Nettles in Crotch (knickers, leggings, belt etc)
  2. Ginger power in knickers / belt etc
  3. One Drawing pin in each heel
  4. Two drawing pins in each buttock
  5. Nettles in bra/top (pinned to  jacket if topless)
  6. Wearing Large Butt Plug

Dice 4

  1. 10 Minutes
  2. 20 Minutes
  3. 30 Minutes
  4. 40 Minutes
  5. 50 Minutes
  6. 60 Minutes

Game Four: InvisibleDominant (completed by Lois)

Dice 1

  1. Only Duct Tape (like crosses on nipples)
  2. Chastity Belt
  3. Mini skirt and a white shirt with nothing underneath
  4. Only a blindfold
  5. Normal clothes plus a ball gag (added by Lois)
  6. Bikini (added by Lois)

Dice 2

  1. On a beach
  2. In your cage
  3. In a park (at night time)
  4. In your garden
  5. In a cellar
  6. In your garden shed (added by Lois)

Dice 3

  1. Your arms and legs tied together
  2. Have a chain from a clamp on your tongue to your pierced clit
  3. Have a hook in your ass chained to your hair
  4. Have your hands glued to your tits
  5. You arms cuffed around an unmovable object (added by Lois)
  6. Bent at the waist, wrists cuffed to ankles (added by Lois)

Dice 4

  1. 10 Minutes (added by Lois)
  2. 20 Minutes (added by Lois)
  3. 30 Minutes (added by Lois)
  4. 40 Minutes (added by Lois)
  5. 50 Minutes (added by Lois)
  6. 60 Minutes (added by Lois)

Game Five: Onohara

Dice 1 (all assume you’re wearing your collar)

  1. In Drag
    hair severely pulled back and tucked away, tits wrapped under men’s shirt & pants, belt (tight, please), men’s dress socks, flat dress shoes
  2. The Whore Look
    low cut top, short skirt, no undergarments, black or fishnet stockings, ~4″ heels, heavy makeup
  3. The Flasher Look
    long trench coat, shoes, nothing else
  4. Go Goth!
    Heavy black makeup (esp. lipstick & eye shadow), black everything, Doc Marten or similar boots or black work boots
  5. Tight jeans, nearly see-through t-shirt (bonus for exposed midriff), heels of 2″ or more, sorority girl fuck-me makeup
  6. Topless

Dice 2

  1. A grove or forest where being spotted is unlikely, but possible, over time
  2. Back seat of a car in corner of parking lot
  3. An attic, basement, or other underused room that’s unheated/uncooled and preferably filthy
  4. A back yard, garden, or other outdoor but not publicly visible place
  5. The apartment of a friend of Lois or her mistress
  6. In a bathtub, with or without cold water as appropriate

Dice 3

  1. Rope attaching wrists overhead to branch, beam, etc., with arms fully stretched; nipples clamped; feet secured at least 3 feet apart
  2. Chastity belt holding large anal plug and vibrating egg in place
  3. Hogtied (including hair, with head pulled back), gagged, clover clamps & clamped labia under clothing
  4. Duct taped to hardback chair with hands behind back, collar attached to chair, dildo & anal plug in place, weights on clit ring, blindfolded (or, if car, front passenger seat, with collar padlocked to headrest)
  5. Rolled into a ball (ankles attached to thighs, head between knees, knees attached to collar) and then wrapped in hardware store chain and padlocked
  6. Wrists attached (elbows out) behind back and pulled snugly up toward collar; spreader bar separating ankles to at least five feet

Dice 4

  1. 1 Hour
  2. 2 Hours
  3. 3 Hours
  4. 4 Hours
  5. 5 Hours
  6. 6 Hours

Game Six: GwaiLo (completed by Lois)

Dice 1

  1. Trashy heels, miniskirt and a tank top. Underneath you’ll stuff your bra with socks or anything that will make it clear you’ve stuffed it. Hair in pigtails and way too bright lipstick.
  2. Leggings with no underwear, light coloured butt plug in. If people look close enough they’ll be able to make out the base. Aside from the leggings and the plug, everything else should be business classy.
  3. Business attire, no bra. This time though, obvious collar on and tie a karada on underneath. You should be able to see the ropes at the top.
  4. Pants, jacket, comfortable shoes etc. Underneath though… A vibrator turned on low, a buttplug in. No underwear. Hang a weight from your new ring. In your bra, get some clothes pins / pegs and get one on each nipple and then see how many more you can clip on. Put a bra on over the top.
  5. Closed toed high heels. Put at least 10 grains of rice in each shoe. In your underwear, a steel wool scrubbing pad. In your bra, sandpaper. On top of this, dress to turn heads.
  6. Get Kayleigh to stripe your ass and your breasts before you start. Place sandpaper in your bra and your underwear. You will sit whenever possible with this option. Once she’s finished ‘preparing you’. Ask very nicely for her underwear, you’ll be keeping them inside your mouth whenever practicable.

Dice 2

  1. Food court at lunchtime
  2. Lingerie shop
  3. Your local supermarket
  4. Main shopping street
  5. Fast food restaurant (added by Lois)
  6. Sex shop (added by Lois)

Dice 3

  1. Wrists tied together behind your back. You can use something clear to make it less obvious.
  2. Very obvious collar with your hands chained closely to it
  3. Remove your underwear and tie your hair up in to a ponytail with it. Write a card saying “Yes, those are my panties. I lost a dare” with an arrow pointing up and stick it to your back
  4. Wrists tied behind your back. Remove your top
    If you got #3 in dice #1, add a bra.
    If you refuse this one, roll Dice #2 again and do your task in two locations.
  5. Ankles shackled with only 6 inches of play
  6. Wrists tied in front of you tied to your clit ring. You can have a long string on this.

Dice 4

  1. 10 Minutes
  2. 25 Minutes
  3. 45 Minutes
  4. 1 Hours
  5. 2 Hours
  6. 3 Hours

18 thoughts on “Dice Game

    • Lois

      Well, you weren’t first but you were first to comment on the right page so you win!

      Leggings, boob tube (very nineties!) and large butt plug at a friends for fifty minutes. Sounds like a job for this afternoon. Hangover not withstanding!

  1. Onohara

    So am I the first for the current post? And if so do you need a few dice shaken? (I have a couple dozen in my office. Don’t ask…)

  2. madeloncutie

    OMG and I thought the fifty shades game is exciting… I’m gonna try this next week! Thanks for the wonderful idea! xxx madelon

  3. Richie

    Bondage Dice.

    Equipment you may need:

    Dog Collar x 2 with holes punched at 1 cm intervals these need to fit your breasts
    Needles medium gauge lots
    rope,nipple and clit clamps, butt plug dildo, ben wa balls, chastity belt

    Dice roll = duration in hours

    Dice 2 = Activity
    1 = Shoe Shopping
    2 = a walk in the park
    3 = going for a run
    4 = Cinema
    5 = Local pub for a drink
    6 = Clubbing

    Dice 2 = predicament (cumulative roll – if you roll a 3 you wear 1 and 2 if you roll a 4 you wear 1,2,3,4 etc

    1 = Metal Butt plug and ben Wa Balls with tight crotch rope
    2 = Puppy collars secured tightly around the breasts
    3 = Nipple Clamps
    4 = Clit Clamp
    5 = Needle through each nipple and clit
    6 = needle pushed through each hole in collar into the breast use insulation tape to hold in place

    dice 3 = Dress Code (footwear for running is trainers if you roll high heels replace with trainers) No underwear is to be work. Red BJ lipstick

    1 = Tight fitting running shorts and crop top with trainers
    2 = Tight jean shorts (Daisy Dukes) check shirt with only 3 buttons High heels
    3 = Short Summer dress, hair in pigtails, heels
    4 = Mid thigh skirt, sheer top (2 buttons done up) light jacket write on thighs, chest slut slave etc (this should be partially visible)
    5 = Short Skirt (01″ below ass cheeks) see-through top and 4″ plus high heels
    6 = Stockings, 4″ plus heels , Coat unbuttoned use hands to hold closed if possible


    1 = Masturbate in public until orgasm once per hour of task
    2 = Ask a stranger to take your picture
    3 = Flash passing traffic
    4 = Visit a sex shop and try on bondage clothing
    5 = Spank breasts with a wooden spoon, 20 times on each breast on the hour every hour you are doing the game
    6 = Give a stranger deepthroat and dribble on your self have the stranger cum on your face do not remove until the task is complete.

    (No 6 can be replaced with peeing yourself, however if you do then you must push a needle straight down the middle of each nipple.)

    email me if you like and want other ideas

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