Bad idea

You know when something seems like a good idea at the time but then later you really regret it?

I went through a phase a couple of months ago when the idea of being locked in my chastity belt for an extended period of time really excited me, I literally dreamed about it every night. In fact I was so obsessed with it that I sought out a way to make it happen and me being me I wanted to make sure that escape would not be a simple matter.

I had recently reconnected with a sub girl that I used to know, called Hannah, who had recently been having a few switchy feelings going on and chastity happened to come up so I told her about my desires for true chastity without having a partner to hold the key. Predictably she offered to be the key holder but I wanted a bit more than that, I knew that if I really begged she would release me and that knowledge would detract from the experience I was seeking.

We discussed different ideas and eventually we came up with a plan which could actually work, my friend went off to look into it and report back. In the mean time my obsession with chastity had no abated but I had started the agreement that I described in my last post. After a couple of weeks she came back and declared that the plan would work and she would help me to put it into action but that it would take some time, I was delighted!

What was the plan you ask? It’s a little long-winded so bear with me…

Well first off I needed to purchase a little eight digit digital safe, that I have done and given it to her. She would then write down eight random numbers, program the door of the safe with those numbers and then leave it open. The piece of paper with the code on would then go into a sealed envelope.

On her next trip around the UK Hannah will find a long-term storage locker at train station or a safe deposit box or whatever. Somewhere she can lock something up and have a key to get at it later. This required a significant amount of research on her part!

Once she had located somewhere to stash it she would put the envelope inside and take the key home. You can probably see where this is going at this point but I’ve started so I’ll finish.

Apparently not all of these things have actual keys, some have codes, some require you to show a ticket, I will just refer to all these as keys to make life simpler. So next time she goes away she will take the “key” with her and wherever she is this time she will find another place to store something and in there she will put the key plus an envelope describing on what and where the key can be used. Then, she’ll have another key to stash…

The plan was that she would follow this process at least three times but in one of my more masochistic moments I suggested we should not put a maximum limit on how many times she would repeat it. I would leave that decision to her and from that moment on I would be submissive in this endeavor.

So that agreement was made several weeks ago now and she has refused to give me any more information on her efforts since then except nearly two weeks ago when she told me she was almost done setting it all up, by which time my obsession with this plan had waned somewhat! I made an attempt to get out of it, I told my new “fuck buddy” about it but he loved the idea and said that my mouth could satisfy his cock just fine and that he’d like to see what would happen if I could get any relief for a while. Having failed there I called Hannah and told her that I wasn’t so up for the idea anymore.

It turns out that in the weeks she had been setting things up Hannah had gone from a very much 50-50 switch to leaning very much toward being a Domme! She told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT getting out of it, that she had put a lot of effort into organizing it and that now I would do as I was told! I have to admit, I was really quite wet when she ended that call with me in mid sentence.

That brings you up to date on my impending doom. Any day now she is going to call and tell me to come to her flat with my belt, which is an hours drive away. She’ll give me a brand new padlock and tell me to put on the belt, then I’ll have to put the keys in the safe and lock it, then she will give me an envelope containing a key and a location and my “adventure” will have begun.

Hannah is always away, she travels literally all over the UK (and Ireland) for work so these keys could be stashed anywhere, I do some travelling for work but mainly I work in Cambridge these days so I will only really be able to travel at the weekend to follow my little treasure hunt which means I could possibly get two in a weekend which means I will be in the belt for AT LEAST one full week and depending on how cruel she has been I could be in it for a lot longer.

Those who have been reading for a while will remember that I wore the belt for a week once, it was hell, I was going crazy by the end. Just to put this in perspective I have quite a high sex drive, I make myself cum at least once a day and often more than that. This belt, that I spent a fortune on (why?), is exceptionally effective. It is made to measure, it fits like a glove and it works perfectly. I need clitoral stimulation to cum almost every time, the only times I have cum without it (that I can remember anyway) were from vigorous penetration, neither of which are even remotely possible in this chastity belt.

So there you have it, my bad idea is coming back to haunt me big time,I can’t get out of it and I am truly dreading it!

Finally, something fun!

First of all my last post was considerably longer than one line but something seems to have gone awry when it was posted and you only got the first line, I didn’t even notice for a while and by the time I did I had completely forgotten what the rest of it said! So I apologise for that, this one will be considerably longer, in fact it already is!!

Soooooo, what have I been up to? Well not a great deal of interest to be honest, there was a lot of moping around at first, then a considerable amount of drinking! A few casual hook-ups which were not my finest moments and then there was a lot of work and gym which ended up with me having another collapsing episode. Fortunately I was at home this time so there were no embarrassing ambulances or lectures from doctors!

Before any of you start with lectures of your own I am now fine, resting more, eating properly, drinking less and have basically cut out a lot of the foolishness which seemed to follow the unexpected demise of my relationship with Kayleigh. On that subject I have nothing more to say except that it is over and I can’t see it being resurrected, at least not for the time being. She is off doing her thing and I am doing mine.

So, pastures new and all that. As I mentioned there were a few ill-advised liaisons that resulted from some heavy nights out getting over Kayleigh, one of these ended up with me bring spit roasted by two guys that I had only met that evening which I am sure would have done wonders for my reputation had it happened near home but fortunately I was in London at the time where anonymity rules supreme! On the plus side, I can’t remember ever being spit roasted before so that’s something ticked off the bucket list at least!

My blog has been fairly quite of late except for the nice comments everyone posted, which I very much appreciated and did read even if I didn’t respond. One of the things I did to the blog whilst I was with Kayleigh was to remove the “Tasks” section for various reasons which I think I probably explained at the time, however Dante was not deterred and went ahead and posted a task to the “About Me” page instead. You can find it here, the rest of this post might make more sense if you read it first.

I sterilised a few boxes of drawing pins (thumb tacks) the night before and then cut the leg off an old pair of tights and poured a load of the drawing pins into the tight and jiggled them around to get them to the bottom, I kept filling it until I had a ball that was bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. Definitely not fist size as there is no way I would be able to get it where it needed to go but certainly big enough to have the desired effect. I tied the tight leg off with the pins as tightly packed as possible so that a load of the pushed through leaving a odd shaped spikey ball.

I used to have a pin bra but it ended up getting ruined so it was high time I made another anyway. I had been out specially and bought a new bra specially for this task, I started off by working out where my nipple would be in each cup and using super glue to attach a pin in that position, then I made a ring of pins around that one so that they were all touching. I then made rings of pins around those clusters with about a centimetre between each ring and about a centimetre between each pin. I didn’t test the bra as I wanted to keep my tits fresh for the task.

I was in the office the next day, it was difficult to concentrate though as I was excited about doing a pain task, something I hadn’t done in a long time. I love being with Kayleigh but if I’m honest the one thing she never really fulfilled in me was my masochistic side, I was happy enough to live it at the time but now that I am single again that side of me really seems to have reasserted itself!

Finally the end of the day came and I went into the bathrooms at work and entered a toilet cubicle shutting the door behind me, I put my bag down next to the toilet and then closed the seat and sat on it. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and removed my underwear, then pulled a speculum and the “little ball of fun” out of my bag. The cold speculum slid into me easily because I was already wet from the anticipation of carrying out the task, I gentle cranked it open, feeling the fullness and then the slight stretching as it opened me up wide enough to fit my little “toy” inside. I could feel the pins scrape along the inside of the speculum blades as I pushed it deep into my pussy and the sensation went right through me, sort of like nails down a black board.

Once the thing had gone as far as it could I slid the speculum out of ye a little with it still open and then when it was clear of the toy I released it letting my pussy close around the spike ball., there was no immediate spiking sensation, just a feeling like I had something up there. I had left a small “tail” of tights material which dangled slightly out of my pussy to allow me to remove the toy later. I stood up and put my underwear back on and headed out of the bathrooms. Walking definitely started to give me some sensations as the object began to slide into a more “natural” position and in the process began pushing its spikes into the walls of my pussy.

By the time I got to the gym the ball had started to become uncomfortable, all the movement had made it move around and scratch the inside of my hole which had caused a little swelling so I could feel it a lot more inside me. I went straight to the changing rooms and into a cubicle and removed my work clothes and put them into my gym bag after removing my gym stuff including my new bra.

My gym clothes are similar to what you would see any girl wearing at the gym, I have this Nike vest top that also acts as a sports bra and some running shorts plus a pair of trainers. First of all I stood in the cubicle completely naked and put on the bra, I slid it up my arms and positioned the cups over my tits, then I placed both hands over the cups and firmly pressed it into my chest.

The changing room was quite cold so my nipples had been slightly erect when I pressed the bra against them, the two pins that I had positioned perfectly pushed against them briefly and then the skin of both nipples gave way and I felt the exquisite pain of the sharp points entering the sensitive flesh of my nips. Shivers began running up and down my spine as the surrounding pins made contact with my areolae, the sharper ones pushing into them and the bunter ones simply prodding painfully at the flesh without breaking the skin. All of this happened in a just a second as my hands cupped my breasts and they all of a sudden felt pain like they haven’t felt in a long time. I reached behind me and fastened the bra a little tighter than I would normally do and then put on the rest of my clothes a little cautiously as certain movements would cause pain in once place or another. Once I was dressed I looked perfectly normal except for the fact I was wearing a bra under a vest that doesn’t require one!

I usually work out for quite a while on various machines but that is when I am there for a workout, not a “task”. As per my instructions I went straight to the bikes and climbed on one. I immediately felt a spiking pain as I put my weight onto my groin and the “spike ball” decided to adjust its position but I ignored it and began to pedal. It was bad at first, there was a some painful scratches and stabbing sensations that caused me to moan under my breath but then I got up to a steady speed and it was just the sensation of having something that felt quite large in me and a few sharp and unexpected stabbing pains every now and again but I could handle it quite well.

My tits were more of a constant pain though, it is like a combination of a stinging and aching pain that completely covered every part of them and the bra and sports top kept the pressure firmly on them. Every now and then my skin would give under the pressure of one of the pins that hadn’t initially pierced the tit meat and the pin would bury itself all the way in causing me to gasp or moan uncontrollably, I got some funny looks from other riders!

After about fifteen minutes I tried standing to ride rather than sitting on the seat, this was much worse! With every peddle I could feel the spike ball grind inside me, that is the only way I can describe the sensation in my pussy which I think was caused by the pins scratching up and down inside me. I continued riding standing up for about five minutes and then did another ten sat down before finishing with five more stood up. The last five were particularly gruelling as my pussy felt raw and each time I peddled the pain in there was quite sharp and stingy but despite all that I was truly horny and could feel a lot of wetness in my shorts which fortunately are black.

I climbed off the bike and wiped some wetness off the seat then headed for the changing rooms, I didn’t get changed though, I just grabbed my bag from the lockers and headed home. I live quite near to my gym so I walked home still feeling the raw scratching feeling as I did.

Once inside I went up to my room, kicked off my trainers and pulled down my shorts, I was quite shocked to find that my white gym knickers were completely red in the crotch and my pussy was covered in blood! I stepped out of my shorts and then grabbed a towel and laid it on my bed, I still had a task to finish. I laid on top of the towel and spread my legs wide as I began to rub my clit using a mixture of blood and my juices for lube.

As the fingers of one hand circled my clit with increasing frequency I wrapped the fingers of my other hand around the “tail” of the spike ball and began to ease it out of me, It came with surprisingly little resistance but I could feel the pins scraping along the walls of my pussy all the way and then eventually just as I was about to cum I finished myself off by yanking the tail and pulling the bloody ball of pins out of me as I moaned and came writhing on my bed.

I laid there for quite a while just enjoying the feelings, the aching pain in my tortured tits, the stinging pain of my swollen bloodied pussy and the glorious afterglow of my orgasm. Eventually I got up and ran myself a hot bath, then I peeled the bra away from my tits gasping as each of the pins was pulled from my tit flesh leaving a little red dot, a few of the bled like the ones in my nipples which left small holes but not a lot really. Getting into the bath was agony but once I was settled it was quite soothing on my tits and pussy, I used my muscles to suck water into my hole and then push it out (can other people do this or is it just me, I’ve always wondered about that!), at first it came out red but eventually it started coming out pretty clear. After my bath I just wore my fluffy bath robe and made some food before curling up to watch TV.

The next day my tits were black, they were just two big bruises basically and my nipples were very swollen for some reason, much more than I would have expected and the same could be said about my pussy. I had intended wearing a tampon for the day in case it bled some more but I couldn’t get one in because of all the swelling! I am pretty much back to normal now though, I really enjoyed doing a task after all the time so maybe I will do some more in the near future if anyone wants to set a sensible one that I am likely to be able to do in my limited spare time.

Hope you enjoy this post, hopefully I will have more to write about soon xx

Dice Game Round 2

A couple of weeks ago I asked for another set of numbers for the dice game and Simon was first to roll them for me, the numbers he got were 4, 5, 5, 5 & 3 which translates to game 4, wear normal clothes with the addition of a ball gag and have my arms cuffed around an immovable object in a cellar for 30 minutes.

The problem with this was finding a suitable cellar/basement to do the task in, my house doesn’t have one which is unfortunate because it would be a perfect place to have a play room, I’m always jealous when I see American houses on TV, they all have these huge basements that would be perfect for storing large bondage equipment. Anyway, I digress…

The building that Mistress lives in does have a basement but it is almost always kept locked except when the building manager goes on holiday, the person who fills in for him never locks it. I’m not entirely sure how Mistress came upon this information but She has lived there for quite some time so maybe She has had cause to use the basement before!

So anyway, W/we waited and waited and then finally a few weeks ago Mistress told me that the building manager was away that week. I arrived one day straight from work wearing an Armani suit consisting of a knee length grey skirt and a jacket, under that I was wearing a lilac blouse and under that I was wearing some pale pink matching lingerie, a bra and a thong and some black heels on my feet.

Mistress met me at the front door and then led me down into the basement, it was hot and humid down there with all the heating equipment for the building. She produced a red ball gag from Her pocket and I obediently opened my mouth so She could push it between my lips, then turned round so that She could buckle it behind my head.

Next Mistress took a pair of simple handcuffs out of Her other pocket and handed them to me, I fastened one side to my wrist whilst She pulled a stool into the middle of the room, then She told me to climb onto the stool. Once I was on it I was almost high enough to reach the ceiling, there were two pipes hanging about a foot from the ceiling and Mistress told me to cuff my hands above it which I dutifully did. For some reason I expected Her to stay but instead She just smiled and then turned around and walked back up the stairs, from where I was I could watch Her go through the door and purposefully leave it slightly ajar.

At first I was fine just standing there waiting for the thirty minutes to run down but after a while people started to arrive home, the first time I heard the front door I jumped and almost fell off the stool! I stared at the basement door as shapes passed by it, my heart was pounding I was so scared that someone would have a look inside and then a hand reached in and flicked off the light and then slammed the door shut.

I was in complete darkness and I really started to get nervous, I kept hearing strange noises around me and they made me jump but I was also very careful to make sure I didn’t move my feet so as to not end up hanging from my wrists.

It felt like it had been at least an hour when the door opened again, I almost jumped out of my skin when it did but then the light came on and I saw Mistress walk back in. She skipped down the stairs and came over to me, She reached up my skirt and I automatically parted my legs a little to allow Her access, She rubbed Her fingers over my lacy thong and felt the wet patch there, then She looked up at me smiling and rolled Her eyes.

Mistress stood on a chair so She could reach high enough to put the cuff key in my hand and then She jumped down and left the basement. I very carefully maneuvered the key into the lock and undid one of the cuffs, it was really good to let me arms down, they had begun to ache from keeping them up like that and I had red lines where the cuffs had dug into me. I unlocked the other wrist and then put the cuffs in my jacket pocket, then undid the gag and put it in my other pocket, saliva and all. Just before I left the basement I put my hand down my skirt to check my underwear, even I was surprised at how soggy they were!

I think the dice were fairly kind on that roll, especially with the time limit. I wonder what the next roll will come up with, the first set of numbers posted on THIS thread will be my next dice game challenge.

Also, if anyone has ideas for more dice game options, please feel free to post them or contact me on my email ( or messenger, I will happily add them to the list.

Ups and Downs

Firstly thanks for still reading despite my absence of late.  Just to give you a little insight into my life recently I have been working on a big new project at work and things got rather busy there for a while.  I was working 10-12 hour days seven days a week, running meetings, writing documents, blaa blaa blaa.  Then on the 22nd August I was in a hotel lobby after having been for dinner with clients in Leeds and I began to feel feint, I woke up on the floor surrounded by strangers and an hour later I was in hospital via an Ambulance, it was totally embarrassing!

Apparently I was suffering from very high blood pressure and very low blood sugar caused by, among other things, working too hard, stress and not eating properly. I got quite the lecture from the doctor about not looking after myself and then Mistress arrived the next morning and I got the lecture all over again except this time it came with threats!

Mistress drove me home and as soon as we got in she made me strip and then lie on the bed, then she tied me to it, not tight and spread eagled or anything but securely with chains padlocked to leather cuffs, then she covered my up with the duvet and left me to my “enforced r&r” (her words) for a full twenty four hours, the only time she disturbed me was to feed which she did four times during my “captivity” whether I wanted to eat or not. One time she did untie me long enough to use the bathroom.

To be honest I am grateful, I slept almost the whole time and when she finally freed me I felt more relaxed and energetic than I had in weeks, I showed her my gratitude immediately which she accepted very graciously, between her legs!

I didn’t go back to work until the following Monday, which was a bank holiday but we had a big meeting in the City (Business District of London) which was basically the culmination of all my work, the big decision, and everything went perfectly and the deal went through and a few days later I got a RIDICULOUS bonus (sorry for gloating!) and a week off. Mistress and I went on holiday and it was just great to get away with her.

So anyway, blog, I’m trying to get back into writing now that I have a little more time and I am starting where I left off which seems appropriate. I owed everyone a report on the Dice Game that I asked for and so rudely didn’t deliver on so here it is…

The first person to post their dice numbers in the right place was markh101 (sorry Simon!) who rolled the following numbers; 3, 3, 2, 6, 5.  That equates to wearing a boob tube and wet look leggings, along with 8″ heels, to a friends house with a large anal plug inserted and staying for fifty minutes.

Shockingly I don’t (didn’t)  own a boob tube or “wet look” leggings so I had to go out and acquire some, I found some at Primark which were both cheap and not too terrible. Perhaps less surprisingly I did have a large butt plug in my toy chest so I had almost everything I needed, except for shoes.

I have plenty of shoes, more than plenty really, but none that are quite eight inches high so I  had to settle for some six inch ones but I don’t think that should constitute a fail, they are still fairly high shoes!

The plug that I chose is 2.5″ wide and is not easy for me to get in, I have a reasonably tight ass despite the use it has been put to over the years! After having a shower I used some lube on the plug and then placed it on the floor and squatted over it, I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and positioned myself so that the cold tip touched my hole. Then I pushed down, hard!

I bit down on my lip to help me take the pain from my asshole being stretched wide. It felt like something much larger, a watermelon maybe, trying to make its way into my ass but I kept on the pressure, pushing down as hard as I could despite the burning stretching sensation that such an act brings with it. Eventually, after some minutes of pure pain, my ass gave in and I slid down onto the plug.

There was relief as my hole retracted around the plug mixed with the unusual and uncomfortable feeling as the wide plug pushed into me stretching my insides before settling deep inside me.  As I laid on floor, on my side, recovering my composure and readying myself to get back up I ran a finger up my pussy, predictably I was soaking wet.

After I had dragged myself pack to my feet and cleaned myself up a little (down there!) I got into my outfit.  I was a little worried that the plug would show through the tight leggings but once I had them on I checked myself out in the mirror and it was fine, the part of the plug that sticks out isn’t too big on that plug so you couldn’t tell at all, although I could really feel it digging into my ass cheeks.

I pulled on the boob tube top, no bra, and then slid my feet into the shoes, I looked ridiculous! There had been no rules on makeup or hair so I did my makeup pretty standard but a bit heavy on the eye shadow and then put my hair in a tight pony tail which just seemed appropriate.

I had organised to go and see a gay (male) friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while so I left the house and ran to the car hoping no-one would see me, unfortunately I dropped my keys as I ran and had to stop and bend over and fumble about in the flower bed to find them again.  Also, just to be clear, when I say I ran, I’m not talking Usain Bolt here, it was more tottering along at a slightly faster than walking pace, but even so it wasn’t easy wearing such a large plug up my ass!

The next challenge was sitting in the car, for some reason I didn’t really think about it despite the fact that the plug was right up there on my brains list of current affairs, I just plonked myself down as I normally do when I get in the car and immediately felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me as the plug was forced deeper into me with a lot of force, I actually yelped, partly from the pain and partly from the total surprise.  I sat in the car for a least five minutes just getting my breath back and then turned the car on and set off.

The drive was short and as I got there I called him to tell him I was there, I wasn’t keen on the idea of hanging around on the street (he has no front garden) in those ridiculous clothes looking like a 90’s prostitute! When he opened the door he just burst out laughing!

I managed to push my way inside and when he finished rolling around on the floor laughing at me I told him my pre-prepared story, I was going to a 90’s disco party and wanted to try out my outfit on him (good eh?!).  He said he loved it, it was perfect! Phew!

He offered me a glass of wine and it would have been rude to say no! I took the wine but immediately spilt it as I sat down once again forgetting to do it gently! I managed to contain the yelp this time so he didn’t notice (I don’t think) that I was reacting to anything and just thought I was clumsy.

After that was all sorted though his first words were “I think maybe a bra with that top hunni” and then he smiled a wide smile, I looked down and my nipples were sticking out like bullets through the thin top, it had been a bit cold outside and to be honest the constant self inflicted anal abuse was starting to get me going a little.  I put my arm over my tits and blushed but he just started laughing again!

I stayed much longer than the prescribed fifty minutes, in fact it was nearer two hours later that I left, my ass was really aching by that point and I had been shuffling around a lot in my seat, my friend kept telling me to sit still, fortunately he isn’t my Dom because I would have found it very difficult to comply.

I repeated my little run, managing not to drop my keys this time, and got back into the house unseen (probably). I stripped the clothes off and got on my beds, hands and knees like a doggy bitch, my right hand went straight to my pussy whilst my left gripped the plug and began pulling on it, retracting it a little, then pushing it back in and retracting it a little more.

My fingers worked frantically at my clit as the plug started to come out and then I just gripped it tight and pulled as hard as I could and came loudly as my ass relinquished the plug and I collapsed on the bed.

My ass was really REALY sore and when I looked at the plug it had blood smeared all over it, clearly my ass had taken a pounding with this thing. Like a good slut I cleaned the plug with my tongue and then I went and took another shower, I used the shower head on my ass which stung like crazy and ran red a little bit. After my shower I wrapped myself in my fluffy dressing gown and curled up on my bed.

My ass was sore for a couple of days, quite bad the first day but not too much after that and there was no more blood so the damaged can’t have been all that bad.

So that was my first dice game challenge, I know the report was not quite as prompt as it should have been, in fact it was ridiculously late if truth be told but as I’ve said real life has very much got in the way in the last few weeks and although things are still pretty hectic my schedule is a little easier to manage now so I’m hoping to increase the blog posts over the coming days and weeks, the next of which will be along shortly and will centre around a certain party that I attended.

Change of plans

Yesterday was not a good day, I don’t really want to go into the main reason why but there were various things that all seemed to get the better of me at once! I swayed between furious and on the verge of tears for several hours and by the time I got home I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Fortunately Mistress dropped everything (called in sick) and came round, She listened to me, held me and then dominated me. It felt really good to just let it all go and just be Her sub and nothing more. Wearing only my collar I bathed Her, I fed Her, I massaged Her, I basically did whatever She told me to do and I didn’t think about any of it, I just did it, it was amazing and just what I needed. Eventually She put me to bed in my cage at the bottom of my bed (which She slept in) and I slept better than I have in a long time, I was totally content.  This morning I felt much better.

One of the things we did agree on last night is that I will no longer be serving as the “toilet attendant” at the party tomorrow night.  I’m not entirely sure what my role will be at this point but I am still going and I doubt I will just be another guest, we will see.

Sorry if this turn of events disappoints anyone but I will still let you know what we get up to.

Party treats

I completed my first dice task at the weekend and have started the write up of it, I promise to have it online by this weekend. I also promise to try and update you more often, even if it is just small “on the train” updates like this one.

Next week I expect to have some interesting to write about, although it may not be to every bodies taste (that’s a pun, you’ll get it later!). In fact parts of it will very likely not be to my taste either but I wasn’t really given a choice in the matter.

For some time Mistress and her friend, another Domme have been trying to organise a BDSM party and it has finally come to fruition. The party will be held at a rented farm house which is out on its own (no one to hear us scream!) but is not too far away from civilisation.

The guests have been carefully selected (Mistress assures me that no one will know me) from their collective friends and acquaintances within the community. There will be 20-25 people there comprised of Dommes, Doms, subs and slaves so it should be a really interesting party. It is the first time I have been to a large BDSM event in a very long time so I am quite nervous about it really.

I had expected to be at Mistresses side at the party but on Tuesday She explained that I would have a “job” instead. My job with be “Bathroom Attendant” and my duties will be to provide any assistance the guests require in the bathroom, a fairly vague remit!

I have performed a similar role at a party before where i was a “human toilet” for the evening but that was a very long time ago and i have to say i am not entirely sure that i am looking forward to it this time!

Mistresses friend’s sub got into serious trouble recently, I’m not entirely sure what for but I know that she almost lost her collar over it and is currently being punished indefinitely. It was planned that she would be a waitress at the party but now, as part of her punishment she is going to be a “living statue”.

I’m not sure of the specifics but Mistress told me that she is going to be blindfolded, gagged and wear ear plugs and will then be tied into a tight Shibari tie and placed on a table in the middle of the main room for the duration of the party.

After Mistress told me about that I was glad I got the bathroom job I think. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of a room full of people in total sensory deprivation, I think it would drive me crazy! I’ll try and find out what she did if I get chance to speak to her.

I have been worried and excited about this party for a couple of months ever since Mistress first mentioned it. Worried because it is the most exposure I have had of this side of my life since I left London and excited because, well, it is the most exposure I have had since leaving London! I was expecting Mistress to show me off though so I’m a little disappointed at being stuck away from the main party 😦

I shall let you know how it all goes!

Let the games begin

I’ve made a plan for the dice game, there is a new page linked at the top of the site which contains the six games that were suggested in the comments. There will be an extra dice roll and the first one will now choose which game to play, simple really!

I did come across a problem though, I don’t have any dice!! So, the first person to leave a comment on that page showing their roll will get it followed. Please, please, please don’t just make it up as that just ruins the fun of the game! If you aren’t the first to post your five numbers don’t post them yet, I will be doing this again and again I expect 🙂

In other news, I currently have bruises on both of my tits from Tuesday night when Mistress bound them tight and then used a can on them! Fortunately the bruises are mainly on the bottom side so with a bit of makeup I can still wear an open blouse in this beautiful weather!

You may ask what I did to deserve this punishment, well, I asked for it. Literally I told Mistress that I have been craving some rough treatment and she was happy to oblige, after she had practiced her rope tying on my tits. It was great fun, she really didn’t hold back and it was soooo deliciously painful! She didn’t tie me up either so I had to push them out in front of me and not move while she hit me five times, if I moved she would start again. I ended up with eight which I didn’t think was bad considering how hard she was swinging the cane.

So my chest is rather tended still although the bruises have started to go down this morning.

Tonight I am heading into town with some friends, no Mistress as she is working but she is deciding on my outfit so that should be interesting! I think we’ll probably go into the bar that she works at and say hello though.

I’m sorry I still haven’t been giving you the kind of attention you deserve in recent weeks, life is just so hectic at the moment I rarely get any time to myself these days! I do have some time put aside at the weekend for the dice game though so I’m looking forward to that.

So, let the games begin (dice games and the Olympics, good luck London you beautiful city!!

Roll the dice

I came across a post on somebody else’s blog where they had altered a childhood game to make it more interesting in an adult setting! The game involves taking a die throwing it four times so that you end up with four numbers one to six,  beforehand through you assign something to each number for each roll.

For the first roll you assign items to wear, for the second roll you assign a locations, the third roll has bondage positions or restraints and the four roll has a duration.  So once you have your four numbers you will know what you are going to wear, where you are going to play, how you will be positioned and how long you will play for!  Get it?

I liked the sound of this game and thought it would be a good way to involve my readers more since I have not been so involving of late, I spoke to Mistress and she liked the idea so first of all I would like you to suggest items to go against the numbers below.  Once I have enough suggestions for all four categories, I will choose the best ones and then take it from there. Would you rather I or Mistress rolled the numbers or would some of you like to roll the dice and post the numbers that came up, you wouldn’t cheat would you?  I promise I wont!

DICE 1 – What to wear

  1. your suggestion
  2. your suggestion
  3. your suggestion
  4. your suggestion
  5. your suggestion
  6. your suggestion

DICE 2 – Where (what location) to be in?
Be sensible with these, I’m unlikely to stand in the middle of a shopping centre naked!

  1. your suggestion
  2. your suggestion
  3. your suggestion
  4. your suggestion
  5. your suggestion
  6. your suggestion

DICE 3 – How to be tied or how to position myself.

  1. your suggestion
  2. your suggestion
  3. your suggestion
  4. your suggestion
  5. your suggestion
  6. your suggestion

DICE 4 – How long to stay like that?

  1. your suggestion
  2. your suggestion
  3. your suggestion
  4. your suggestion
  5. your suggestion
  6. your suggestion

Paid my debt, nearly

I’ve never been as horny and frustrated as I am right now. This is the longest period of time I have worn my chastity belt for and I never dreamed that it could make me feel like it has done. Of course I always knew it would be hard to wear the belt for this length of time, I have quite a high sex drive and rarely go a day without pleasuring myself, in fact since getting my clit pierced it is often more than once a day.

I was doing alright with it the first couple of days, I was hornier than usual but it was manageable and not really getting any worse, then on Saturday came Kayleigh’s Cruel and Unusual punishment, and it really was! As I lay there, unable to move, listening to that girl almost cum over and over and over again I just kept getting hornier and hornier. At one point I did manage to fall asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up I was literally dripping wet and lying in a wet patch! By the time I got out of the cage my head was just ringing with the sound of that girls panting and even when I removed the headphones and went to try and get some sleep in bed I could still hear her in my head!

Then on Sunday, rather than letting me calm down “recover” Kayleigh began sending me pictures, starting at around 10am and every half an hour or so after that I received another picture on my phone. All of them were of her in various states of undress, inserting various things into her body….you get the idea. The barrage of stimulating imagery stopped in the early evening but then I have received additional pictures every now and then all week, when I least expected them, every time one popped up on my phone I was reminded how horny I was so any distraction I got from my predicament was always short-lived.

The frustration at not being able to relieve myself has just built and built every day this week and the effects of that haven’t been great for me. As it has gone on I have become more and more irritable to the point where I have become very short-tempered and have snapped at people for no rational reason. I am also very distracted and have been finding it hard to construct intelligent sentences when talking to people, then the other day I was looking at some porn (I know I don’t help myself!) and I wanted to cum so bad and I just started crying in frustration! Tears were pouring down my face and then I got really angry and had to stop myself from throwing my iPad across the room!

This has definitely made me rethink my clitoris removal fantasy! The problem is, that does make me horny so even when I think about my predicament it only makes it worse.

And that is just the chastity belt which is only one part of my punishment.

Sleeping in the cage has been difficult to say the least, it isn’t very big so moving around is difficult inside it, I have found that I can lie in a sort of slightly stretched out foetal position and that is the most comfortable I can be in there.

The first few nights I only got a couple of nights sleep but it has steadily increased since then to the point where last night I actually got six straight hours although I was pretty stiff when I woke up. The good thing is I get out at 6am and if I go straight to bed I can get an hours sleep in bed before I have to get ready for work.

One day, I think it was Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, I had to stay in an extra hour because I sent her the picture at 10.03pm instead of 10pm so I didn’t get my hour in bed that day. In fact that was yesterday? yes it’s Thursday today, I think it was yesterday. Sorry!

On top of all of that physical and mental craziness I haven’t been allowed to contact Kayleigh at all, even when she was sending me the pictures and instructions I wasn’t allowed to reply to her. That has been difficult, for the past few months I have sent her text messages every day, spoken to her on the phone every day and seen her in person more or less every other day, so going a week without even contacting her has been hard emotionally. It has been like a part of my life is missing despite the fact I had all this stuff going on to remind me of her, its quite hard to describe, especially at the moment!


Today the punishment ends! Last night was the last night in the cage and when Kayleigh comes round later tonight, I’m not sure what time, my punishment will be over, the belt will come off and I will be allowed to cum, and oh what an orgasm it is going to be! If there are no more blog entries after this one you can assumed my orgasm killed me! At least I will have died happy!

The end of my punishment also means that we can start the TPE week that Kayleigh wanted to do so I am quite excited about that. She asked me earlier in the week to get a collar so I ordered this one:

and it arrived yesterday. It fits really nice and has a padlock so the wearer can’t remove it which Kayleigh will like. I’m just hoping it is only for indoor use!

I started writing this blog an hour ago and it should have easily been done by now as it is just a quick catch up but just before I started she text me and told me to listen to the MP3 from the other day on my laptop until she tells me to turn it off. So I am back to listening to the almost cumming girl and it is extremely distracting, I keep stopping typing and absent-mindedly fondling my nipples which is something else that I have started doing in the last few days. I was sat in my office doing it the other day and didn’t even realise! Ridiculous! Thank god no-one walked in!

Still need ideas for Kayleigh’s birthday please!

Cruel and unusual

A short time ago I received an email from Kayleigh, which I can’t reply to obviously. The email had no salutation, it literally just had a set of instructions which were as follows:

  1. Download the mp3 file from here
  2. Load the mp3 onto your iPod and put it in a playlist on its own
  3. Make sure the iPod is fully charged
  4. Set an alarm on your iPod for 6am
  5. Cut two square pieces of duct tape and leave them in your cage
  6. Just before 10pm, leave your iPod just outside your cage but pass the headphones though the bars near the door end
  7. Start the playlist and put it on repeat
  8. Put your leather wrist cuffs on
  9. Get into the cage feet first and lie on your back with your legs bent up
  10. Do not take your phone, laptop or iPad into the cage tonight
  11. Insert the earphones and then place a piece of tape over each one to keep it in
  12. Reach behind your head and fasten the door and your two cuffs together with the timer lock
  13.  Sleep tight

I’ve just downloaded the file and listened to it for five minutes, I need a cold shower now! It’s basically just 24 seconds of a girl having sex and almost having an orgasm, I don’t even know why it makes me horny, but it does! I didn’t get much sleep last night but I can’t see myself getting any tonight! I think I’ll go and have a lie down now.