Job opportunity

Hi all, slightly random post here. I’ve been reading through my stories page and there are many horrible spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and things. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in editing them for me? If you have a talent for such things and are interested leave a comment with your email address (which won’t be visible publically) and I’ll get in touch.

Thanks in advance xxxx

11 thoughts on “Job opportunity

  1. Hi, yeah I have been reading through your back stories trying to catch up and have “glossed over” the grammatical issues.
    It has been said that I am a bit of a grammar Nazi, although I don’t agree with my own abilities being 100% on the nose, all the time.
    I would have an interest in proof reading for you.
    Hate-mail address is:

  2. I am quite happy to see this post: your stories are so engaging and well written, they deserve to be free of the hitches and hurdles that pull us out of the moment. In real life I am a writer/editor, but your writing is far more interesting than most of the projects I work on. It would be a pleasure to be considered for this role.


  3. Hi Lois

    I guess I was always a little intrigued that you, with your education and profession had so many typos. Then again, it was part of your humanity and charm.

    I am interested in proofreading and would be honoured to help

    1. The problem is not an inability to spell or type, it is a lack of time. I’d rather write an extra couple of hundred words then spend that time rereading and correcting what I’ve written. It’s probbaly not the best policy for writing a blog but it is what it is!

  4. I’m a former sub (as in sub-editor / copy editor rather than in the D/s sense) / stone sub / chief sub for major publications and have also worked for online as well in print.
    I’m not a grammar Nazi. Rather than being a high-protocol pedant, I think the words should work with the context.
    I’m posting this from a throwaway email address for obvious reasons. But if you or your Mistress want to discuss further then mail me.

  5. I don’t think much needs doing other than correcting some of the more obvious spelling and grammatical errors. A heavy handed approach would detract from your style and alter the essence of your writing. Happy to help if you would like me to contact me.

  6. Hi Lois, I would be more than happy to help as eluded to in comments previously. Have experience in proof reading. Also believe i may be local to you. Paul.

  7. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help me with this and apologies if I haven’t got in touch with you yet. As you know I was on holiday and then got ill towards the end of the holiday so haven’t been in a fit state to deal with it. I will be in touch shortly though.

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