I have a small amount of free time on Friday afternoon and had an impromptu Q&A session on Tumblr so I thought I’d post my answers here for those who aren’t on Tumblr. I’ve also fleshed some of the answers out a bit and corrected some typos! Hope you enjoy x

What’s your favourite way to be fucked?

From behind whilst bent over something, it fulfils my submissiveness and allows the person to push deeper than other positions.

What piercings do you have? What extra piercings would you like?

Currently I just have my nipples and ears pierced. I’ve previously had rings in my clit and several in my labia but those holes have been left to heel up for now.

What are your opinions on tattoos? Specifically those along the lines of ‘slave’, ‘owned by mistress ****’ or ‘fucktoy’ permanently on your body.

I really like them in principle, as well as “ownership tattoos”. They are a very real reminder of who you are. I previously had a tattoo feature my then Mistresses name but ended up spending a lot of money to get it removed after we broke up so I’d be very careful about permanent marks relating to another person in future.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider it again.

Have you spoken about bdsm with your sister again since she saw the spacing marks on your ass?

Yes I have spoken more openly with her about it then I’ve ever spoken to any vanilla person, although I’ve kept specific details of my activities very limited.

She did a lot of research into BDSM when she found out and has also spoken to my Mistress about it without me being present.

She understands that I enjoy it even if she doesn’t and can’t understand why I like what I like. Although to be honest I don’t know that either!

Would you consider being a fulltime slave you your mistress similar to greyh0und ?

Not at the moment. I like the idea of it but I would have to give up too much of what makes me me to do it. Maybe some day but I’m not ready for that yet. Plus it would be a huge reduction in our collective income.

Favourite erotica?

Without wanting to sound too arrogant my favourite BDSM fiction are the stories I have written myself. The reason I started writing those in the first place was because I couldn’t find anything that fully catered to my tastes.

Would you rather have a mans dick or a woman with a strap on fuck you? For your answer you do not know either and they are the same size.

Ok the simple straight answer to your question is “a mans dick”.

The reason is purely that you said I didn’t know the person fucking me and I find it more humiliating to be fucked by a man. And the reason for that is due to the fetish I have for being made to take other people’s bodily fluids into my body. I find that deeply submissive and humiliating and that is a huge turn on for me.

If you changed the scenario and I did know the people then, depending on the people, my answer would likely change. I rarely find an emotional connection with men whereas I can quite easily form at least a small connection with another woman and having an emotional connection always makes sex better in my opinion because it takes it beyond the physical.

Ever been used at a gloryhole?

No, although I think that would be really humiliating and fun. I think an extension on the glory hole idea would be good whereby the girls head is strapped to the wall, her mouth at the hole ready to be used. That way the control is taken away from the girl and I like that.

I have been used at a dogging spot by multiple strangers, not the same but similar.

What mark of ownership do you currently wear for your mistress?

I wear a collar at all times. When at home it is a solid steel ring and when out it is one of two fairly substantial necklaces. All three lock in place and can only be removed or changed by my Mistress.

Do you like the idea of being mounted in place then? Unable to escape while anyone present or passing by could use you?

Yes I like that idea a lot.

Biggest object you have had inside you?

Probably my locking anal plug, although that’s only large when it’s opened up not when it is being inserted. Either that or an inflatable dildo that I used to have which was pretty huge.

If you’re looking for dimensions I have no idea sorry.

What’s your number? Just kidding but you did say you’d answer anything honestly and immediately gotta remember to put a couple caveats in when dealing with the public 😉

07123 456 789

Do you think you would ever get so submissive to Fiona that you would give up what little hard limits you have, like cutting your hair? Or are you already at that point in your relationship?

I don’t really have limits (other than common sense stuff) with Mistress now and she gains more control over me all the time. I don’t know how I would react if she decided to cut my hair, I think I would let it happen but at the same time I think it would be a betrayal of my trust in her. I don’t think she would do that.

What’s your take on marriage and having kids?

Same sex marriage is legal here and if things go the way I hope that’s what I want with Mistress (kind of hope she doesn’t read this!).

Kids, I don’t know, maybe some day but not at the moment.

Most humiliating thing you have done?

Too vague! Probably sexual activity with a non-human.

This one is not exactly an AMA question, but since I lost hope to ever see a post about it I’ll ask anyway: how was spending 24 h immobilized as a bondage doll at the party?

It was extremely painful, humiliating and horrific and everything I wanted it to be.

If nobody you know/work with ever found out, would you play in a porn movie? If so, what sort of porn?

Yes, probably Torture Galaxy. I’ve actually spoken with the guy who makes that and seriously considered going over there for a scene at one point.

What are your most and least favourite parts of your body?

I hate my boobs, they are too small. I’ve been self conscious of them my whole life.

I like my pussy because it’s very neat and tidy and, I’m told, right. I also love my hair.

Would you like Fiona set you up for a gang bang but everyone has to wear a condom. At the end in front of all the men who used you would have to suck their cum from them?

Yes I’d probably enjoy that.

Have you completed any more of the fantasies on the list?

No I don’t honk so but I would like to do more of them.

Do you think there may be more body modifications in your future?

100% yes I do. I don’t know what but I know Mistress wants to do more.

Are you allowed to orgasm whenever you feel like it or do you have to ask for permission?

It depends, sometime some, sometimes the other. Either way I orgasm a lot less now than when I was single but it is definitely quality over quantity.

How are things proceeding with the electrocution thing?

Wheels are in motions. Deviously Sadistic wheels.

What kink does your Mistress have planned for you this weekend?

She doesn’t generally tell me in advance. A friend, Miss Hannah, and her sub are coming for dinner tomorrow night though.

On Sunday I’ll see my sister and mother, it’s Father’s Day in the UK and since my dad isn’t with us anymore we usually spend it together.

Are you all healed up at the moment. From your blog I always imagine you with some marks from recent play.

Currently I have two welts from the cane on each inner thigh which are three days old but that’s it. Fairly blemish free really!

6 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. lawrenceee

    I got to say, when I asked you about the party you attended as a bondage doll, I expected a slightly more elaborated answer 😉
    Do you have time to write down half a page about it, just to descrive the event and the position you were in?

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