18 thoughts on “Views (aka Needles)

  1. Hahahahaha, let’s say you got what you wished for!! has your Miss picked a date for your punishment yet?

      1. It was you the one who complained that none followed the blog anymore! 🙂
        Look at the bright side, it could have been 27 days of chastity! And that would have undubtly led to more punishment considering how cranky you get when denied! 😉

  2. Yes I suppose every fan of you has made his best to access your blog again and again. Hoping to see at least one pic of your breasts with 655 needles in them.
    Your Mistress should thank in this all of us…

      1. I subscribe to this petition! your small breasts with 655 needles in them must be an impressive sight! And it will show how good at Tetris your Miss is!

  3. As this is kind of a special occasion I would think a photograph would be quite in order. Close up of course

  4. I bet you’re really looking forward to it, I know you have said you enjoy having your nipple pierced so this should be 655 times more exciting, 😃

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