What is it like?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about what it is like to wear this infernal chastity belt for so long so I thought I would just write a short post about it.

The belt is all metal, very close-fitting as it was made to measure and for the most part reasonably comfortable. I say “comfortable” but it is a rigid piece of metal that runs from my back between my ass cheeks, through my legs and up over my pubic bone to meet a horizontal piece that goes around my waist just above my hips.

The belt piece is shaped ergonomically so it sits reasonably well on my hips but it still rubs from time to time. My ass cheeks are permanently pushed apart which was uncomfortable at first but I got used to it quite quickly. The groin part sits firmly against my skin, I can get maybe the very tip of my finger under it but that is it, it covers the whole area between my legs and widens up the front over my pussy and pubic bone preventing any access to my pussy. The main belt has a narrow slit that runs over my pussy, this is to pee out of, it is small but you could insert something narrow into it. However, my belt has a secondary shield over that one which has small holes drilled into it. It still allows pee out but there is no way t get anything in. I was very thorough when I bought the belt, unfortunately.

The belt is OK to lie down in but uncomfortable to sit in, you have to sit in a certain way other wise it digs in but that too I have now got the hang of.

So many people have asked about hygiene in the belt which I think is weird but really who am I to judge?! So periods would be a huge drama in the belt so I have taken my contraceptive pill continuously throughout the time wearing the belt which thankfully has prevented any periods. Peeing is fine although can be a bit messy as it doesn’t always come out of the same place, I have learnt to let it out slowly so that it trickles out of the belt. The only problem is that I obviously can’t wipe myself so if I am at home I generally have a shower (or a partial shower) afterwards and clean the area, if I am not at home I carry a little water spray with me and use that to rinse myself before using paper to dry the belt as much as possible.

Going to the bathroom for a number two is horrible and messy, there is an anal hole in the belt which is small and it gets covered in mess, I basically have to have a shower straight afterwards and spend a lot of time cleaning myself up. I have fond that a bottle brush pushed through the anal hole (not into my asshole) is the most effective way of cleaning it. Obviously I only do this at home but then I only ever go for a poo there anyway.

I need clitoral stimulation to orgasm and I have tried various things to achieve that in the belt. You can;t get anything in there so that is out, applying vibration to the outside of the belt just vibrates in the wrong places, it is arousing but not enough which is just frustrating! You could, technically insert something thin into my ass but really what would be the point?

So that is that, I am massively sexually frustrated, I think about sex 100% of the time and have daydreamed of having various sexual liaisons with almost everyone I work with and all my friends as well as complete strangers. I have become very flirty with everyone, even girls who work in sandwich shops who are clearly straight (I quite like my sandwich shop girl!).

I am very much looking forward to getting free of this thing and enjoying a hot bath and many, many orgasms!

14 thoughts on “What is it like?

  1. Jazzy Borwn

    Thanks for that… yes it cleared up a lot of niggling questions.
    We are all enjoying your chastity & frustrations enormously.

  2. whynot

    Always a fun read. I have to salute your studious response to all of the questions, especially given the frustration level. The thought of all that going on for weeks on end does give me a kind of evil grin :). It would be really mean of Hannah if once you do get out of it, she spends a few hours teasing you first to see what else you might agree to if you can finally cum; I imagine that would be a powerful bargaining chip at that point….

  3. sub-2000

    well i know how you feel. for me it is almost 11 weeks i guess in chasity. I am a male, but i know how you feel. I will do almost anything to released, but i guess it won’t be this year for me.

    for a male it is easier to clean. the only problem i have is that when it gets hard, there is no room to grow and it starts really to hurt, because of the small cage.

    To sleep with is is somewhat annoying when i turn over and lay on my belly. the cage let me know that it isnt that nice. But after a while i didn’t turn over to my belly.

    i hope you get all your keys soon and get released, i guess i am in deeper trouble…….

  4. IflyHG

    Thanks for the details! I once read of a woman who tried to prevent her periods in the manner you are doing and it did work for a couple of months until her body took over and she had a particularly bloody period. She was doing it because her boyfriend was in town for a few months between extended stays away and she didn’t want her period interrupting their sex life. Murphy’s Law being what it is her period started during his last few days before he had to leave. Turns out he was a bit of a blood hound and they sill had plenty of sex despite the mess, and her disgust so win-win. This is a sample size of one and something I read on the internet so it all could be completely wrong but I enjoyed the story. Thanks for the details about your chastity belt. I was hoping you would post about searching for the keys, where they were stored, your feelings when you found them, you feelings when you realized this wasn’t THE one, your feelings when you figured out where the next one was. When you do finally find THE one what will that be like and then what happens? I imagine you are going to want to go straight to Hannah’s but will she be at work, traveling for work, away for the weekend on holiday. How will you celebrate finally removing the belt?

    Thanks for sharing.

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